CDR Esan O. Simon, FS, USPHS, MD, MBA
Regional Practice Director
USCG HSWL Regional Practice Cape May
Samuel J. Call Health Center

2011 State Leadership Conference
"US Public Health Service (PHS) Commissioned Corps & The PHS in US Coast Guard Medicine"

PowerPoint Presentation [PPT]

Anthony Wojtkowiak
Journalist and Media Consultant
2010 Fall Leadership Conference
"Producing a Creative PSA"

Letter from Anthony [PDF]
PowerPoint presentation "Producing a Creative PSA"[PDF]

Mock PSA on youtube:

"What if laughter really is the best medicine? Malaria No More is using a brand-new approach (comedy!) to an age-old health issue (malaria!) to cut through the clutter and get people talking about malaria.

Comedy Fights Malaria shows that the disease is no laughing matter—every 45 seconds, a child in Africa dies from malaria—but humor can keep malaria in the spotlight and in the conversation. The result is always amusing, often absurd and sometimes downright bizarre messages from a broad range of stars.

Our goal is to engage people in a new way of talking about malaria and see how each person can contribute their own unique skills to keep malaria at the forefront of the conversation.

For more information and videos, "Like" us on Facebook at"